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A brilliant but simple innovation that makes life easier for professionals as well as consumers, do-it-yourselfers and users from all walks of life.

Simple, practical, economic, ecological and secure.

The multifunction BOA strap allow you to put away all electric wires, hoses and cables simply, practically and securely. The possibilities are endless.

A Custom Strap

  • Faster winding and unwinding
  • Keep equipment in better condition
  • Stop purchasing all kind of products
  • Durable
  • Recyclable
  • Ordered work environment
  • Eliminates hand injuries due to the use of wrong equipment

Save yourself some time

with the multifunction BOA strap.

Customizable and available in bulk.

The multifunction BOA strap fasten itself directly on the cable.

This innovation saves time, from a perspective of greater productivity of technical personnel, in particular, who can thus clearly identify, use and sort in an orderly way any type of extension cables, wires and cables, casings and many other elements.